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Foods and Drinks The Stain Your Teeth

Everybody wants a bright, white smile, but our eating habits can make that a bit harder to achieve. While there are many different methods for whitening your teeth, there are also many foods and drinks that can cause stains on your teeth. From the well-known teeth stainers like coffee to the lesser-known staining foods like soy sauce, there are some foods that can dim your pearly whites more than others.


At Aspen Hill Dental in Wheatridge, we know that you want your smile to be as perfect as possible, which is why we offer a variety of general and cosmetic dental services. We can help you find the best teeth whitening option for you! One way to keep your teeth bright and white is to minimize the amount of stain-causing foods that you eat. In this blog, we are going to talk about some foods that will stain your teeth the most! Read on to learn more and schedule your appointment at Aspen Hill Dental today.

Black Coffee

We will start with one of the most well-known teeth-stainers out there — black coffee. Black coffee is a very dark drink and the outer layer of teeth is very porous. That means that your teeth will absorb the darkness of your black coffee and cause staining. But don’t let this ruin coffee for you! By adding milk or creamer to your coffee, you can lighten it up. This can help to make the staining less aggressive.


While some people choose to substitute coffee with tea, in this case, it will not make a difference. Since tea has tannins, it can stain your teeth, and may even cause worse stains than coffee. Darker teas, like earl gray and black teas, will cause worse stains than lighter teas. However, herbal teas and white teas can cause your enamel to wear away and cause stains as well.


Red Wine

Red wine is acidic, which means that it can break down your tooth enamel, making it easier to stain your teeth. While you may have noticed the stains after drinking one or more glasses of red wine, there is an upside to red wine. While it may cause stains on your teeth, it can also reduce inflammation, which can help prevent gum disease. You may try switching to white wine to avoid the stains, however, white wines are more acidic than reds and can also stain your teeth, although these stains may be less noticeable.

Berries and Fruits

There are many fruits and berries that have rich pigments. This makes them likely to stain your teeth. Fruits and berries like blackberries, blueberries, pomegranates, and others can cause stains because of those dark colors. This doesn’t only include fresh fruits — juices and pies made with these dark and vibrant fruits and berries can also stain your teeth. However, many berries and fruits contain a ton of antioxidants, which make them worth eating! Just swish water in your mouth to help reduce staining.

Soy Sauce

While soy sauce can add flavor to your favorite rice or Chinese dish, it can stain your teeth as well. One good rule to understand is that if it can stain your shirt, it can stain your teeth. And this dark sauce is no exception. Plus, soy sauce is full of sodium, which makes going light on the soy sauce even more beneficial.


While sodas aren’t good for you in general, another reason to avoid drinking them in excess is that they can stain your teeth. These drinks contain acids and dyes, which can lead to staining. Even the lighter colored sodas can cause stains. The chemicals used to add flavor to these carbonated drinks can also erode tooth enamel, so try to avoid these drinks as much as possible.



Curry gives a rich yellow coloring to food, but it can also give a yellow coloring to your teeth. While this tasty meal can leave your teeth with a yellow tint, there is no reason to avoid it entirely. Just try to remember to swish your mouth with water after eating.


Beets are rich in color and can cause stains on your hands, which makes it obvious that they will also stain your teeth too! This vegetable is full of vitamins and nutrients, but it may also give your smile a nice purple tint.

While these foods, and others, can cause stains on your teeth, it does not mean that you should avoid them altogether. You can help reduce staining by swishing with water after eating or drinking these foods and be sure to brush your teeth! This will help remove surface stains and keep your teeth as white as possible.

However, if you are looking for a more serious white, you can always try one of the many methods of whitening your teeth. Our team at Aspen Hill Dental in Wheatridge can help you find the right teeth whitening method for you. We also provide teeth cleanings, which is another great way to get rid of surface stains! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.