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How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Help You?

Is your smile not as bright, white, and straight as you would like? Do you find yourself covering your mouth, losing your confidence, or not feeling your best because of the state of your teeth? While making sure your teeth are healthy is essential, cosmetic dentistry is just as important, and often a few small procedures can really make a world of difference. Read on to see how cosmetic dentistry can help you!

Are your teeth not white?

Over time, the enamel on your teeth can become stained or discolored. Some of the most common causes of tooth staining include: coffee, tea, soda, wine, medication, smoking, and aging. Tooth whitening is a great way to bring back your bright, white smile and erase years of staining. At Aspen Hill Dental, we can custom-fit you with trays that you can use at home until your teeth are as white as you would like! Another option for covering a stained smile is to use veneers. Veneers fit over your natural teeth and can instantly transform your smile into one that you are proud of. Another option we offer is tooth-colored fillings. If you need a filling, you don’t need to be worried that you will have unsightly metal or blackened areas. We use fillings that blend in with your teeth so your smile is never interrupted.

Are your teeth not straight?

Another common dental complaint is crooked teeth, which can disrupt an otherwise great smile. You have several options when dealing with crooked teeth, including veneers. Veneers are not only great for brightening your smile, they can cover a crooked tooth, or one that is too long or too short. Veneers can easily make your smile even and uniform, without invasive surgeries or procedures. We can also advise you if you would be a good candidate for braces, to correct severe crowding or crooked teeth.

Are you missing teeth?

A missing tooth can be embarrassing, and can also affect the integrity of your remaining teeth, and your overall dental health. If you are missing a tooth, dental implants are a great solution for restoring your tooth, filling the gap in your smile, and keeping the rest of your teeth intact. At Aspen Hill Dental, we offer both dental implants, and mini dental implants—which are a great option if you are not able to have traditional implants. Dental implants anchor to your jawbone, and many patients prefer them to dentures. If you have a cracked or damaged tooth, a crown may be a great solution for you! If you just have a chipped tooth, dental bonding is a quick and easy way to fill in the missing piece and restore your tooth shape while maintaining the tooth strength. If you are missing teeth, don’t despair! We can help you regain your beautiful smile!


At Aspen Hill Dental, our mission is to make sure your teeth are healthy, but also to make sure that you love your smile! If you have tooth staining, crooked teeth, or are missing any teeth, we can help! We are proud to serve Wheat Ridge with general, family, and cosmetic dentistry—call today to schedule an appointment.