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What Are General Dentistry Services?

Finding the Right Family Dentist is Important

General dentistry services are often the most essential services that any local dentist can provide. If you have been looking for a dentist near you and are not sure what services are needed for you and your family, general dentistry offices will provide most of your routine care.


Exams and Cleanings

Everyone in your family will need an annual cleaning each year and an exam to assess their dental health. These exams help to identify issues like cavities as well as checking in on gum and tooth health. Cleanings promote good dental hygiene and keep all kinds of dental conditions at bay that could lead to long-term dental health issues.


Fillings and Extractions

While no one wants to have a tooth pulled, sometimes these services are needed. Children can sometimes need baby teeth pulled and adult teeth can need to be removed as well in some cases. Fillings can also be needed, and you will find that our general dentistry experts will take care of this need for you and your family as well.



General dentistry practices will take care of your annual or bi-annual x-rays. This process helps identify cavities as well as other dental issues that might need attention. X-ray services can be done in house at your dentist’s office, and your dentist will read them and discuss anything that shows up in the x-rays.


Whitening Services

General dentists are increasingly able to offer up cosmetic dentistry services like tooth whitening. Being able to refresh your smile can help with confidence and improve the appearance of your teeth. Whitening services are a great way to improve the appearance of your smile.

General Dentistry Takes Care of All Your Dental Needs

General dentistry services take care of all of the basic care needs that you and your family will need each year. You can head to one location for all of your tooth care needs and be certain that your dentist will help you with extractions, whitenings, annual cleanings, and more. Contact us at Aspen Hill Dental to schedule a visit today!