At our dental office, we offer some of the highest quality products. If you are unhappy with a stained or discolored tooth, or even missing teeth, we can help by using one of the following methods:

  • Veneers: We use porcelain veneer shells to transform the shape and length of a tooth in no time. Our process of applying the veneers is simple and comfortable, allowing your smile to look even more natural. You won’t have to worry about invasive treatments, as veneers are a quick, easy fix to cosmetic concerns. Their ultra-thin shells will put an end to your discolored and chipped teeth.
  • Implants: With Dr. Stoll’s dental implants, you will feel like your teeth are healthy again. Dental implants allow for effective chewing and bright smiles. They are practically undetectable next to your natural teeth, with exact coloring. While implants are only available to patients with healthy oral tissues and intact jawbones, Dr. Stoll is prepared to find a solution to transform each patient’s smile.


When you have too many fillings in your mouth, it can begin to damage the appearance of your smile. Our crown services help restore cracked or broken teeth with natural, comfortable treatment. The metal or porcelain cap is placed over the tooth in danger, providing immediate support and protection. You may also consider tooth-colored fillings, offering a drastic improvement to the aesthetics of your teeth.

The traditional form of crowns and fillings leave patients with mouths full of silver and other metals. Dr. Stoll has options such as tooth-colored fillings to eliminate the unsightly blackened fillings or crowns. They are more durable and improve the look of your teeth.


If you need a little more help with a cosmetic flaw, such as a chipped tooth, dental bonding may be your answer. Most patients are out of our office within an hour, boasting a healthier and brighter smile. This bonding material will be applied to any gap or chip you want to improve. After our dental care providers apply a thin layer of tooth-colored material, it will harden with a durable and solid finish. Bonding is also available for patients with old metal fillings, providing them with natural-colored restorations.