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We are now accepting Medicaid. Once you have official Medicaid eligibility, contact our office to talk about your potential options. Any patient under 21 will be covered for all their oral health care. For adult dental care, there are no minimum requirements for Medicaid coverage. This may mean that more severe dental work will cost more once you are older, but maintaining a healthy smile in your younger years will help to reduce serious problems.

On April 1, Colorado’s limited adult Medicaid benefit will become available. Qualifying adults will be able to visit a dental practice or clinic that is already enrolled in Medicaid and can accept Medicaid payments. The adult dental benefit will allow Medicaid enrolled clients, age 21 years and over, to receive a number of basic dental services currently offered to children such as evaluations, diagnostic imaging, preventive, and restorative services.

Adult Medicaid clients may receive up to $1,000 of the dental services per 12-month state fiscal year period (July 1 to June 30). Until July 1, 2014, the adult benefit will be limited to the dental services that are currently offered to children and do not require a prior authorization.

If you are looking for a Medicaid dental provider, Aspen Hill Dental can help. Our Wheat Ridge office is dedicated to creating a relaxed and friendly environment. Whether you need a routine checkup or would like to have your child’s teeth examined, we are prepared to help. Dr. Stoll will work with each patient, providing personalized care for all their dental needs. If you would like to talk with our office today about more specific coverage you are eligible for under Medicaid, call today at 303-940-9755.



Thanks to the Medicaid’s inclusive child health program, Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment (EPSDT), your child can receive the dental care they need to have a healthy smile. This provision focuses on preventative care, rather than emergency care. Your child will be covered for routine and regular checkups, as long as they fall under reasonable standards. We can provide solutions for your child’s toothache or infection, restore teeth, and perform regular oral health care.

We understand your child needs to have effective, routine cleaning of their teeth. When children are younger, they often can’t thoroughly brush and floss their own teeth. This is why our dental office strives to provide younger patients with oral care education, helping them create better habits for the future. We also encourage parents to continue implementing healthy diets that refrain from heavy amounts of sugar. There are also specific nutrients that are needed for jaw structure and tooth strength.


Whether you need a teeth cleaning or your child needs dental work, our team at Aspen Hill Dental can help. We offer a variety of services to help improve the health of your smile and prevent future dental problems. Medicaid patients are welcome at Aspen Hill Dental. Please contact our dental office.

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