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Mini Dental Implants


Mini dental implants are offered at Aspen Hill Dental’s Wheat Ridge office, as one of our periodontal services. A mini dental implant can be a great solution for patients who don’t want, or are not able to have, traditional dental implants. Mini dental implants are similar to regular implants, and provide a titanium implant that can substitute for the root of the tooth. Mini implants can be used to support most replacement teeth. If you are missing one tooth, or several, mini implants can help! Some patients cannot receive traditional implants because of bone loss, or a lack of bone structure where the implant is needed. Less space is needed with mini implants, and they can be used in situations where there is a lack of bone.


Advantages of mini dental implants:

  • Less invasive procedure

Mini implants do not require the same surgery as dentures, and the healing process is much faster. The healing time with mini implants is drastically shortened.

  • No need for complex surgery

Mini implants have the same advantages as other implants, but they are smaller and usually do not need more surgery.

  • No bone grafts

There is usually no need for bone grafts with mini implants.

  • More comfortable

Because mini implants are less invasive, and have a shorter healing time, they usually cause less discomfort than traditional implants. Mini implants do not slip, and are anchored firmly in place.

  • Provides Structure

Mini dental implants are fixed to the jawbone like a regular tooth root, and they give structure to areas missing bone. They can prevent the facial collapse that occurs with bone loss.

  • Fewer Complications

Because mini implants have a simpler process, there are fewer negative complications.

  • Convenient

The process for mini dental implants is easier than traditional implants, and doesn’t take as much time. Less time in the dentist chair is always a good thing!

Discuss with the dentist whether mini dental implants may be a good solution for you. If you are interested in mini dental implants, or have any other dentistry needs, call our Wheat Ridge office today to schedule an appointment.